Argument over the level of disciplinary action by the judge."Self disciplinary Limitations" vs. "Collaborative" (Overall)

by kimmy posted Jan 04, 2019


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The results of disciplinary actions by judges involved in the abuse of judicial authority are being mixed. 

From the opinion that the president should speed up the impeachment of the judge because he showed the limits of self-discipline, the president said, "If this level of discipline is reasonable, it will be another controversy." 

According to the data released by the Supreme Court on Tuesday, the Judiciary and Punishment Committee imposed reprimands to eight of the 13 judges who were sent to disciplinary action for six months. The other five judges decided to dispose of the charges or admit the damage to their dignity, but not to discipline them. 

The People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy issued a critical comment on the results, saying, "I expected disciplinary action, but it is truly amazing." 

When Lee Min-geol, a former chief of staff at the Seoul High Court, was suspended for six months, he said, "He is one of the most serious people to be held responsible, and he was suspended for less than one year under the law." 

He also urged the National Assembly to immediately begin impeachment proceedings against a judge involved in judicial manipulation. 

"The Supreme Court's decision to discipline the judiciary once again makes us doubt the court's will to resolve the case," the Korean Government Employees Union said. "We will submit a petition to impeach the National Assembly by referring to the actions of related judges." 

Judge Cha Sung-ahn, a researcher at the Judicial Research and Policy Institute, also posted on the court's internal computer network, saying, "We don't have a single person in a year," adding, "The judge who will join us should contact us as we intend to petition for impeachment." 

Judge Ryu Young-jae of the Chuncheon District Court said in a posting on his personal SNS, "The level of punishment is shocking," adding, "The disciplinary committee must have thought that the suspension of punishment is too severe compared to the people who said that the punishment limit for a year is also low." 

On the other hand, many said the results of the disciplinary action were a compromise. 

A judge at the Seoul Metropolitan Court said, "The reaction of judges around the capital area is generally appropriate," adding, "We don't know what the outside world might think, but we feel fortunate around us." 

Some in the court said, "How do judges 토토추천 who are cleared of charges suffer mental pain and libel?" 

Some expressed hope that the results of the disciplinary action will resolve internal confusion. 

"I don't know what will happen in the future as there are rumors of a judge being impeached by a judge in the political circle, but I hope that there will be an atmosphere within the court to end the conflict and concentrate on the most important judicial affairs," said a judge at the Finance Ministry. 

However, some observers say that the results will be difficult for the disciplined parties to accept.

"The people who were punished are likely to file an objection or an administrative lawsuit because they claim that they did their own job in the administration," Kim Hyun-hyun, president of the Korean Bar Association, said. "After all, the court will reconsider the validity of the punishment."


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