Minimum wage decision structure finalized in January."

by yellow posted Jan 04, 2019


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Hong Nam-gi, First Announcement of Government / Including Youth and Women's Representatives to Committee / $177 billion (177 trillion KRW) in First Half of Financial Services
"We will announce the draft of the government next week and finalize the government plan in January," Deputy Prime Minister and Strategy and Finance Minister Hong Nam-ki said on Sunday.

"The revision of the minimum wage will focus on the transfer of the sectional set committee and the decision committee," Deputy Prime Minister Hong said at the fourth meeting on economic revitalization at the Government Complex in Seoul on the same day. "The committee will be organized only by experts, and the decision committee will also push for stipulating the law to include 수호에이전시 young people, women, irregular workers, small businesses, and small and medium-sized businesses."
The Ministry of Employment and Labor plans to announce the government's draft next week, including the number of committee members, recommendation methods and decision criteria. 

It also announced plans for early execution of its budget and measures for vitalizing investment. "We will execute 61% and 177 trillion won of central finance within the first half of this year," Hong said. "We will increase fiscal execution in areas that are close to people's livelihoods and people's livelihoods to 65% during the first half of this year." "We will complete the formation of an extra budget by the first quarter so that we can feel the central government's budget execution at local sites," he said. "LH and Highway Corporation are also planning to carry out 53 trillion won of investment, which is 9.5 trillion won more than last year."


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